Bangs aw yeah #selfies

The mural done by Amy Bassett-Wap at my new place of employment is gorgeous! In person it’s muted and light and I’m obsessed. #art

I feel like Felicity Smoak. Hair up in ponytail, cute dress, working on a computer trying to figure out what the heck is broken on it. #felicitysmoak #selfies

I should really stop monkeying around at work (at South Dennis-patriot Sq)

I want a miniature apricot poodle so badly. Look how cute they are!!!

"And evil takes a human form in Regina George. Don’t be fooled, because she may seem like your typical selfish, back-stabbing, slut-faced ho-bag. But in reality, she is so much more than that." #meangirls okay this is the last one I swear. No more posts about this flawless movie.

"Is that your natural hair color?" #meangirls can you guess what movie I’m watching? Haha

"Oh my God, Karen, you can’t just ask people why they’re white." #meangirls

Oh #MeanGirls I am so happy that you are finally on #netflix